Earth Day 2018: Stop Plastic Pollution

We love Earth Day! No, we aren’t exaggerating and no, we couldn’t possibly explain that statement any simpler than pure love. Unfortunately, Earth Day isn’t a traditional holiday – there’s no time off for it, you can’t really make much for it in terms of DIYs & recipes and most people don’t hold or attend a special event for it.  In our opinion, Earth Day should be observed more and given as much respect as any of the other holidays that we do celebrate.

That being said, we’re going to vary from our usual DIY & recipe style to write an appreciation/awareness post before Earth Day rolls around. However, you can find some of our favourite repurpose/reuse/recycle projects on our social channels. Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook.

A Brief History
Founded in 1970, Earth Day began with Gaylord Nelson – a then-US Senator from Wisconsin. He was inspired by the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California and by the student anti-war movement. Seeing the passion and energy from the public, he wanted to use that concern to help bring environmental protection into the political agenda. And so Earth Day was born!

Earth Day 2018: End Plastic Pollution
There has been a lot of media attention around plastics for a few years now but lately we feel it has taken a different turn. The population is becoming increasingly aware of all the plastic that is being wasted and produced. Plastics that do not always get disposed of effectively and then end up in our streets and our oceans.

A perfect example is this article about a young whale that washed up in Spain with 64 pounds of plastics and waste in its system. The plastic consisted of plastic bags, fishing nets and even a plastic drum! The problem with this issue – plastics in the water – is that it’s not one we see often until things like this happen. The average human has no idea that land-based resources account for 80% of the world’s marine pollution. 

Plastic pollution doesn’t only hurt the wildlife in the oceans – it hurts us too! When an animal eats the plastic, the toxins are absorbed into their bodies and makes its way up the food chain – to us and to other animals.

Another great example is right at our doorsteps. When was the last time you went outside and didn’t see a cigarette bud on the ground, or plastic wrappers or plastic bags on the ground? I see them on a daily basis all around Toronto! These are the things that affect our environment that we can see and can change – things at arms reach – sure, the oceans are far and you aren’t a marine animal – but you are human. You live on this land and it is our responsibility to treat it well – we promise you, it’s the only one we have.

If there is any take-away from this post, please let it be this:

This is our earth!

Don’t turn your lights off for one hour because everyone else is doing it, don’t go to an event because you want to appear to be supporting the cause. Be the change you want to see – Don’t litter, encourage others and teach your children to preserve this earth and not fill it with pollution. It’s the biggest step we can take.

Happy Earth Day!


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